Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Utopia Engine

In brief
Utopia Engine is a great solo game that has a lot of replay value.  We also love that it is free and easy to take along when we go out.

Shay's full review

I was looking around at print & play games on BoardGameGeek when I found this game.  It seemed a little daunting to have a 12-page rulebook for a paper and pencil game, but I was intrigued.  The instructions are written very clearly and are easy to follow.  After two games, I put them aside and was good with just the adventure pages.

The story of the game is that you are trying to construct a device, the Utopia Engine, to stop doomsday.  First, you have to find the parts in six areas and then you must assemble them before the world ends.  You use two dice, a pencil, and some basic math to find and assemble the parts.

I love a good solitaire game, especially if it includes dice, and this game does not disappoint.  I made a laminated copy and we have it with some other favorite print & plays to break out when we are looking for some quick fun.

Rating: 8

You can find the download and more information on BoardGameGeek

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