Friday, January 12, 2018

Monster Highway

In brief
Wow!  We love this game.

AJ's full review
The game creators had this game on display at a board/video game convention, and they were very nice when they taught us the game. They've been to multiple other conventions, including PAX Unplugged.

The premise is simple: four cars build a path to their separate bunkers, then drive on that path, all while the monster chases you down. You roll two dice. If you roll a Road, you can build a tile of road. On Car, you can move ahead. On Monster, the monster moves at random. Rolling the dreaded Monster-Monster lets you move the monster anywhere. This makes Monster Highway the Mario Kart of board games.

Highly recommended for people who have fun with competition.

Rating: 10/10!

Shay's full review
We have played this game with the game's creators at several gaming conventions and have loved it every time.  Each time, the game was different and was as much fun as the first times we played it.

Players are trying to escape nuclear fallout by driving their car to their home base.  While you are trying to escape by building roads, you also have to avoid the irradiated monster and actions played by opponents.

Replay value is very high, based on our plays.  There is just the right combination of randomness from card drawing and rolls combined with offensive and defensive strategy to keep you coming back to play this again and again.

Rating: 9/10

The Kickstarter for this begins on January 15.  You can find more information at Monster Highway on BoardGameGeek.

Photos courtesy of One Day West.

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